Brochure 2017

Conference Programme under the motto “Renewable Energy and Environmental Technologies in the Context of Sustainable Development: Future Challenges and Directions”

“From our engagement with the stakeholders in the clean energy and waste management sectors in Ghana as well as the public,  we have seen that there is an interest in cleaner energy and proper waste management. We however also realised, that from a Ghanaian perspective we should acknowledge that even though the environment is important, fast development that raises the living standards of the people in both the short and the long term is paramount, and the environmental concerns may sometimes take a backseat. Based on this we saw the need to integrate the topic of development directly with clean energy and waste management. Therefore, the goal of the fair is to not only show the economic and environmental benefits of the products and technologies, but also show the linkage between the implementation of these products / technologies and sustainable development of Ghana and the sub-region.” (AHK Ghana)

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Banning power crises forever: The role of renewable energy

Source: Ghana Web - August 23, 2017

Ghana enjoys about 330 days of sunshine annually. The average annual wind speeds along the coast and some islands range from 4-6m/s at 50m hub height. This potential can support utility scale wind power and hybrid micro/mini-grid development...

Ghana moves to embrace renewable energy

Source: Construction Review Online - June 6, 2017

Ghana will commence the process to entirely move to renewable energy, President Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has announced.