Banning power crises forever: The role of renewable energy

Source: Ghana Web - August 23, 2017

Ghana enjoys about 330 days of sunshine annually. The average annual wind speeds along the coast and some islands range from 4-6m/s at 50m hub height. This potential can support utility scale wind power and hybrid micro/mini-grid development.

Since 1998, investors have been exploring different sites to develop at least 250 MW of wind power. According to a World Bank study in 2014, Ghana produces about 10,000 ton/year of agro and wood processing wastes alone. This presents an opportunity for biomass and waste to energy investments. (...)

Ghana moves to embrace renewable energy

Source: Construction Review Online - June 6, 2017

Ghana will commence the process to entirely move to renewable energy, President Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has announced. He said that the country will  issue licenses to new Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) for only renewable energy.

According to him, this is part of the decision to embrace renewable energy generation meaningfully in the nation’s energy.

“Our strategy is to move Ghana from a dependence on thermal towards renewable energy. We have, therefore, decided that new PPAs will only be signed for renewable energy,” the president declared while opening the Third Development Finance Forum (DFF) planned by the World Bank group. (...)